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[11 May 2008|02:36pm]
it would be fabulous if i could breathe out of my nose again.

(2 thoughts::Look up to the stars:: ::And feel The Rush::)

[01 Apr 2008|10:45pm]
i want to go visit florida but when i think about it, who will i visit?
is anyone worth the money to go down there? kelsy, caitlin, all those people defanitley.
i'd like to see a ton of other people but most of you i do not give a shit about anymore.

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[09 Feb 2008|11:11pm]
well i quit that fucking shit hole that i've been working in for the past year or so. the owner found out josh and i were together, he didnt give a shit. but then he found out everyone smokes weed up there, and now he's pissed. so i put up my two weeks and he took me off the schedule. josh has a month to find a new job.

school sucks but its my last semester so im just dealing with it.

it snowed here. like actually snowed. i was amazed. first time ever seeing that shit except i saw fake snow in north carolina, it was hard; when i picked it up here i was shocked that it conformed to my hand. fluffy and soft.

josh and i have been dating for 6 months tommorrow. i cant decide if it feels like its been longer or shorter then that.

i want to go visit florida.

(::And feel The Rush::)

[04 Jan 2008|09:11pm]
new years was extremely hectic. we had to ward off a crazy bitch who, despite all the warnings stole joshes brothers car, smashed every window, & slashed every tire. after that she showed up at the house for the 2nd time, punched justin in the face a few times, got screamed at by josh, and was then removed from the house by force after josh threw the stupid bitch back from the doorway and slammed the shit in her face. so we had to call the cops if anything about his car was to be done. justin lied to the police for no apparent reason (because he was drunk & scared) and then wanted josh to back his story up when the real story would have been just as sufficient, if not more. when cobb county arrived justin wanted to run because he was fucked up. wow, call the cops, and then run from them? no. we made him stay put.

hopefully now he's done with that stupid bitch. but theres really no telling seeing as she previously hit him with a car going 25 mph and he got back with her. hes straight up told me before "sometimes i'm scared she will kill me. i can picture my death when i'm with her." some will never learn.

i always fall asleep comfortably laying in his arms. through out the night if i wake up and try to escape from his grasp for whatever reason or even move at all he will wake up, pull me even closer then before, and doze off within no time. it used to kinda annoy me, you know, sometimes i dont want to sleep smothered in my 6"2 , 170lb boyfriend. he'll put his leg over me forgetting it weighs like 80lbs on its own and ill wake up with my entire bottom half tingling due to lack of circulation. but over the months ive become very accustumed to his un-concious acts of affection; i find now that the sound of his breath in my ear is relaxing and i welcome the thought of spending every time wrapped tightly under his gaze.

(::And feel The Rush::)

[26 Dec 2007|11:21pm]
i had a really good christmas. i got a laptop for school and my boyfriend got me a diamond necklace. at night we watched a movie and fell asleep in each others arms listening to japanese sleep music. and we ended up being able to chill all day today, it was really nice considering theres lots of times when we wont see each other for almost a week. but now hes gone and i miss him already.

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[17 Nov 2007|04:37pm]
i think im going to try and visit over spring break.
id like to bring josh with me but i dont know if he'll go.
ill be driving down, cause by that time ill be able to (legally)
and we could probably stay with my grandma since grandpa passed.
spend a few days with friends, spend a day on the beach,
another out on the boat. you know, florida stuff.
having a car while there will greatly work to my advantage,
and an adequate place to stay, this way i wont be house hopping.
if all works out as planned, i think it would be alot of fun.
and josh could meet my friends, see where im from,
and all that good shit. plus, i really want to see kelsys baby.
except, hes not so much a baby anymore.
id like to visit nicole, the strodes and associates,
the horans and associates, randi and associates,
kelsy and associates, some of my family.
we will see.

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[07 Nov 2007|11:14pm]
the leaves here are beginning to change.
today was my birthday,
me and josh went to allatoona lake to walk the trails.
the leaves on the ground and the trees were all pink.
it was beautiful until i remembered how god damn cold i was.
things with him and i are turning out wonderful,
better then i would have ever imagined.

(::And feel The Rush::)

[09 Sep 2007|11:14pm]
im taking the SATs next month and praying that i score at least 500 on both because if i do, im going to do duel enrollment. meaning, not only will i be going go high school, but ill be taking several classes at KSU as well ranking up college credits in advance so when the time comes, im ahead of the game.

i told my boss today that i found a new job that wants to start me off at 8.50. which i did, but im not sure if i got it or not yet. so, in an attempt to keep me working for him he bumped my pay up a dollar. now at least if i dont get that other job i got a raise at the one i have. :)

4 months till i can get my liscence. 4 months till i can get a car, i dont know if im going to be able to afford one though. especially because im probably going to have to cut back on working so much soon, if im going to be doing college classes as well. josh said he will help my buy one or possibly give me his, cause he wants a new one. so, hes teaching me how to drive a stick this week.

i really need to do good on the SATs. good news is, if i dont score high enough this time around, i can still take it in november and december and try to qualify then. hell si.

(::And feel The Rush::)

[07 Sep 2007|11:59pm]
everything is kinda up the air right now.
but within the next couple months life is going to be awesome.
the day september hit i could feel the change in the air.
its getting cooler, believe it or not our summers are hotter then floridas.
i am so happy with josh.

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[16 Aug 2007|12:30am]
just dont have time for this shit anymore.
hows everyone doing

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[09 Aug 2007|12:30am]
ive decided to clean up my act.
quit smoking just so i have more energy and shit.
get organized and make that money nigga.

(::And feel The Rush::)

[27 Jun 2007|01:11pm]
some of the shit that these kids can do is amazing.
they're pretty well known around here for their talents.
i see all of it.
i see the landings, the stick-its, and the fuck ups.

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[21 Jun 2007|10:04pm]
july the 25th i should be heading down to florida.
even though i havent been in a while,
i dont know how stoked i am on this trip.
i mean, when i found out we were going i was looking through my phone and i couldnt even find people to call and tell.
i called jaimie who i talk to on a fairly regularly basis, so obviously its gunna be knarly to see her.
but everyone else that i called i dont even talk to.
and despite trying to get in touch with nicole countless times, i cant remember the last time i talked to the person who i used to consider my best friend.
everyone else that i called didnt pick up-
which is a pretty typical response to the phone calls that i do send out.

at first i was questioning if i wanted to spend the money to go back down. now, money isnt going to be much of an issue. im now questioning if i want to waste my time. not because i dont want to see the few people that i do care about, but because im not going to have places to stay or anyone to do anything with. i certainly dont expect the certain individuals to devote all their time to me and let me live on their couch... for a week. not gunna happen.

(::And feel The Rush::)

[10 Jun 2007|05:03pm]
i woke up today and decided to devote the day to things i need to do.
i dont have a whole lotta time to clean and stuff because im always out or at work. so today when the guys called me and told me to get ready because we're all going to atlanta to skate and paint a set- i declined. i dont think alot of you will be able to understand the severity of the situation when i say i have to "clean up". this is not a normal basement. this basement is home to not only myself (which can easily be bad enough) no, its home to 10 different stoners that all come and go as they please, leaving a trail of shit behind them.

theres two doors leading to the outside down here, and people track mad shit in. the carpets are destroyed. dozens of parties, dozens of people, and dozens of drinks have left me with god only know how many stains. there are stains on top of stains. thats how bad it is. we dont have as much furniture as we'd like in some rooms so we put our drinks on the floor. and of course some dumbass comes along and knocks them all over.

as far as drinks go everyone wants a drink at every second. but they dont bother to take their old cups upstairs, no they just get a new one when theyre up there. so half finished drinks accumulate EVERYWHERE. i once brought them all upstairs after just a week there were 22 cups downstairs all over again.

blankets are everywhere. when people spend the night, you never REALLY know where youre going to pass out for the night. so there's blankets in the t.v. room, the hookah room, my room, adrians room, and the room with no furniture in it at all. i always pick up the blankets and either throw them all in a corner or over a couch, but by the end up the day they're spread out from one end of our house to the other.

the bathroom is tiny, and everyone uses it on a daily basis, including getting showers. but we all leave our towels and shit all over the floor because you can never find the trash can amongst all the other unnecesary shit in there. in order to open and close the bathroom door its a full on battle.

we dont have trash cans, but we do have monster trash bags sitting in every room. but for some reason people cant grasp the concept of just putting theyre shit in the bags. and as far as my hookah goes, i fucking love it. but the ash, the tobacco, the charcoals, and all of its supplies end up ground into the carpet and everything else.

but i cleaned all of this today, even the fucking bathroom. its not that i care if my house is messy or not. its actually one of the things im least concerned about. but sometimes i do feel like im living in a methlab or some shit. so i accomplished something.

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[10 Jun 2007|12:00am]
despite talking to caitlin, jaimie, and randi
im still considering not going to florida.
i talk to a few people every now and then,
but lately i havent even kept in contact with nicole.
i havent been down in almost a year-
but do i really want to spend all that money to see people
that i dont even talk to?
i guess the better question is do i have the money
to spend on people that i dont even talk to?
i mean, i gotta buy a car and shit soon.
if my mom ends up driving ill go with her,
but i dont think i will buy a plane ticket
to go somewhere where i dont even have places to stay.

ps i barely go on the computer now
and myspace is fucking gay.
im going to delete that shit.
everyone else should too.

(::And feel The Rush::)

[23 May 2007|11:34pm]
my life is a question mark.

i tried to fight some bitch in the parking lot at school the other day cause she almost killed us while cristine and liz laughed behind me, it wasnt that big of a deal. i just talked alot of shit while she ran to one of her friends for moral support and i told her to "get the fuck outta the car" and "dumb bitches get their shit tossed" but then lizes dumbass took it upon herself to go key the bitches car at lunch. and now their trying to charge me, liz, and cristine with fucking stalking, harrasment, threats, and vandalism. or at least their trying to convince me that they can do that when my name isnt even in the fucking police report.

bitch give me a break. im not dumb. you cant do shit. and your trying to scare me into saying something stupid. but i wont go down like a bitch.

uh besides for that,
nothing new really.

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[15 May 2007|12:20am]
schools almost done
i cant wait.
summer will be tight.
florida, work, and chill.
im pretty content with life.

i want another tattoo.
what to get?

florida is questionable
with a lack of places to stay
im questioning the entire trip.
of course,
ill still end up down there.
but its gunna be kinda sketch.
ill figure it out?

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[08 May 2007|11:45pm]
my manager has always hit on me,
from the day he started at zaxbys.
it used to be "when are we gunna hook up?"
but over the past month its turned into
"when are we going to date,
when will you let me take you out?"
now, i know this sounds bad.
but since david and i broke up ive actually been
considering it.
total dumbass move, i know.
and it doesnt help that i see him EVERY DAY.
and every day he says something about it.

him: if you didnt work here would you date me?
me: uh, maybe. why?
him: maybe?
me: *blank stare* yea, maybe, why?
him: well maybe is better than no,
you're fired. now will you date me?

the past couple days ive been the only person
who really know what im doing up front.
he supposed to be on his 5 day (the managers
have 5 days off each every 3 weeks)
but hes been coming in to help out and shit.

him: ugh, i do not want to be here.
me: so why don't you leave? i can handle
this place by myself, i do it all the time.
him: yea, i should. i already got what i came for.
me: what did you come for?
him: to see you.
me: *starts laughing*
him: think about it, im supposed to be on my
5 day. but ive been here the past two days,
the past two days you were working. and i know you
can do this shit by yourself. so why do you think i came?
me: to chill with larry (the other manager)
him: if i came to chill with larry,
why would i be hanging out with you up front when
larrys in the office?

uhhh, i dont know.
its weird.

(::And feel The Rush::)

[07 May 2007|11:18pm]
my tattoo is looking pretty damn good
and so far it hasnt started pealing or itching.
i havent gotten around to posting a pic yet.
but i will.
people keep asking if its real.
uh no, its fake actually.
you can erase it...
... with a cheese grater.
yes its fucking real. dumbasses.

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[03 May 2007|12:20am]
david and i broke up
im kinda disappointed
but not really.

on a further note,
someone stole my cigarettes
a whole fucking pack
im pissed as fuck.

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